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Delectable Summer Goodness

On the official first day of the summer, Zomick’s Kosher Bakery celebrates its arrival by adding a few zesty, summer desserts to the menu. Yes, it’s true, they’ve come up with an even more creative way to tempt your taste buds. Zomick’s Bakery has put a fresh spin on our favorite decadent desserts, full of rich flavors. By adding a splash of color and flavor, you can make every recipe to match every occasion.

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Summer Picnic Food Ideas by Zomick’s Kosher Bakery

Summer is the perfect time to indulge, let loose and enjoy. What’s a better way to kick off the season of fun than heading out on a picnic? There’s no need to wait for the winter to show off your pastry skills and make delicious mouthwatering pies. Picnics embrace the great outdoors and are the perfect opportunity for a cuisine showcase. If you’re fan of picnicking and want to enjoy light, juicy, and amazingly refreshing food, look no further, as Zomick’s Kosher Bakery has just the thing you need.

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Zomick’s Diet Bread

The main reason that customers consume products from Zomick’s Bakery is that their bread line implements the concept of processed whole wheat grains. If you read articles that cover this topic, you will know that whole grains contain the entire grain kernel of the grain – stub, core and shell. By grain refining purposes the germ is removed and also the cover in order to obtain refined grains. With this is extended the shelf life of the product, but on the other hand are eliminated dietary fiber, iron and vitamin B. Zomick’s bread as well as Zomick’s Challah breads not only does not lose vitamin B, but is supplemented with vitamin E, which helps to boost immunity, something that we all strive to maintain in our dynamic life.

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Kosher Food Groups

Products that fulfill the requirements written in the Torah and who are properly prepared in order to be allowed for consumption are traditionally name as kosher. These are foods and food prepared according to strict rules of Kashrut. Unlike the term kosher, which means food that is produced and prepared in accordance with Jewish rules, there is the concept of Treif, which means a prohibited food. Those are foods that are not prepared according to the rules of the Torah and not to be consumed. Zomick’s Bakery adheres to the rules regarding their baking goods which must be kosher. Some photos of Zomick’s baking goods are displayed at their portfolio at RISD.

It is wrong perception that kosher food is a special set of dishes. Food from any cuisine can be kosher if it’s complying with all standards in the management of food. Again, this is a special way of treating nutritional support, processing, preparing meals as well as the ways of consumption.

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