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A Glimpse into New York Bakeries

In New York there are about thousands of restaurants. To eat at each of them you’ll need one more life to live. In New York you can eat everything you can think of. For any money. At any time of day or night. There are kosher and gluten free restaurants, bars mozzarella, Tibetan, Greek, Korean, Hawaiian, Moroccan, Mexican, Eritrea and every other nation on Earth.

In New York are born culinary fashions and trends. There are places that are popular for two or three years, after which they close, change the kitchen, chef or move to other locations. Mostly this is the result of public relations, which is equally important, if not more important, than the talent and imagination of the main chef. For example, for several years restaurants Budakan and Budabar are very popular, great restaurants with hundreds of tables and oriental style called “Fusion” menu that mixes Japanese and Latin kitchen.

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