In the modern world we live in today, why should we eat kosher? Of course, the best answer to this question is “because God said to do it.” However, in addition to this, there are obvious and practical benefits to eating kosher today. Bellow, David, of one Zomick’s kosher bakery owners, will try to answer this question in more depth.


The Torah teaches that non-kosher food has a negative effect on the human soul. The soul is like the antenna that receives waves of spiritual energy. Eating non-kosher food damages the soul’s ability to “connect spiritually.” This damage can be repaired once the person starts eating kosher again.

Personal Growth

If a person can be disciplined in relation to what he eats, it means that he can also be disciplined in other areas of life. Cashrut requires that one must wait between meat and milk and that we not eat certain animals or food combinations (Even if you are hungry!) All this instills self-discipline and allows us to elevate our spiritual side by making conscious decisions instead of responding to our animal impulses.

Health Reasons

With this extra supervision, kosher food is perceived as healthier and cleaner. After slaughter, animals are checked for abscesses in their lungs or other health problems. Blood – a vehicle for the growth of bacteria – is drained. Shellfish, mollusks, lobsters, and crabs have spread typhoid and are a source of urticaria (a neurotic skin condition). Milk and meat are digested at different rates and are difficult for the body. And, of course, pigs can carry trichinosis.

Moral Lessons

We are taught not to be cruel – even with animals. A mother and her child are prohibited from being killed on the same day and. When we kill an animal, this should be done with the least amount of pain possible.


One of the keys to making a Jewish home “Jewish” is the observance of the kashrut. When we keep kashrut in our home, our attachment to Judaism and the sacrifices we make take root in the minds of our children forever. And with food being so often the center of social events, eating kosher provides an internal barrier against assimilation. For many, the turning point between the past and the future is the spiritual aroma of kosher cuisine and the traditional challah bread.

Finally, we cannot come to understand the full depth of “why eat kosher.” Because as the saying goes: eating kosher is much more than delighting the palate. So, no matter what your reasons may be, if you’re a fan of kosher food, and want to treat yourself to freshly baked bread out of the oven, the next time you’re in New York City, make sure you try the famous Zomick’s Challah. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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