Zomick’s Diet Bread

The main reason that customers consume products from Zomick’s Bakery is that their bread line implements the concept of processed whole wheat grains. If you read articles that cover this topic, you will know that whole grains contain the entire grain kernel of the grain – stub, core and shell. By grain refining purposes the germ is removed and also the cover in order to obtain refined grains. With this is extended the shelf life of the product, but on the other hand are eliminated dietary fiber, iron and vitamin B. Zomick’s bread as well as Zomick’s Challah breads not only does not lose vitamin B, but is supplemented with vitamin E, which helps to boost immunity, something that we all strive to maintain in our dynamic life.

Zomick’s – Diet BreadThe event “Zomick’s follows Kosher consumers” was completed with positive outcomes, and in addition follows a statement of passers who, after shopping in one of the largest supermarkets in New York, had their bags with some of Zomick’s products. We asked them to answer the question:

“Why Zomick’s?”

Alexandra, physiotherapist

Age: 28 years

Consumer of: Zomick’s – Diet Bread

“Taking a dynamic life, living with a pace that comes down to work, playing sports, socializing, sleeping and again the same, I definitely found the right Zomick’s product for me. During the working day, I spend quite a lot of energy, the work exhausts me much, and my passion for the sport is too big, so it is mandatory after work to go to exercise. You can imagine how much energy I need each day so I can be 16 hours active and tireless. The two meals I take while at work are based on Zomick’s kosher bakery Dietary bread, which is a combination of high protein wheat flour, skim soy flour and finely crushed shells of wheat seed. This combination is ideal for me, I consume a lot of proteins and energy, and the number of calories is quite small. In other words – I eat and not get fat. Another positive aspect is the fact that this bread comes with a small amount of sugar, while enriched in dietary fibers which adjusts my metabolism, i.e. improves my digestive system, and greatly regulates my weight. The everyday consumption of Zomick’s Diet Bread makes me feel like I’m on a healthy diet. All in all, a positive experience from Zomick’s.”

Zomick’s Diet Bread
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