Every traditional Jewish meal begins with the breaking of the Zomick’s Challah, which represents unity.  Traditionally, it is simply used as you might use rolls with a holiday dinner, but over the year its use has been changed and adapted.

The ultimate proof of how delicious the challah bread is, is the numerous Challah recipes, from bread to French toast and bread pudding. At Zomick’s Kosher Bakery, you can find every challah treat. Zomick’s challah bread is made in various shapes and sizes, and the bakers use traditional methods to prepare fresh and tasty bread.

Whether or not you ascribe to Jewish customs, Zomick’s challah bread can be a delicious accompaniment to any meal for anyone that has an appreciation for the simplicity of well-baked bread Zomick’s bakery offers a wide range of baked products.

Besides the challah bread, Zomick’s Bakery is also known for its bagels, lox, pies, and other baked goods.

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