On the official first day of the summer, Zomick’s Kosher Bakery celebrates its arrival by adding a few zesty, summer desserts to the menu. Yes, it’s true, they’ve come up with an even more creative way to tempt your taste buds. Zomick’s Bakery has put a fresh spin on our favorite decadent desserts, full of rich flavors. By adding a splash of color and flavor, you can make every recipe match every occasion.

Now you can end the warm-weather meals on a delicious note with some of the delectable, fabulously fruity desserts from Zomick’s cookbook. In its 50 years of experience, this bakery has always managed to come up with something new and innovative that would tempt the taste buds. Absolutely everything here is divine. It doesn’t matter whether or not you ascribe to the Jewish customs, as Zomick’s goods are a delicious accompaniment to any meal. Now, anyone that has an appreciation for mouth-watering, fresh fruity recipes, can enjoy these sweet desserts that are just perfect for the summer.

Some of the summer deserts are in fact variations of traditional recipes belonging to Zomick’s bakery, with a modern twist that embraces light and airy flavors. This bakery has been in the family for over 50 years. The newest generation of owners expects the seasonal, innovative menu to be a total hit. The offering from the bakery ranges from fruit-filled desserts and pastries to refreshing beverages with delicate rosewater flavor. This summer you can skip those store-bought desserts and bring some of Zomick’s show-stopping desserts to your next dinner party. Whether it’s a casual weeknight, a lunchtime get-together, or a night gathering, these fabulous and fruity desserts are just the thing you need to satisfy your warm-weather cravings.

As the temperatures rise, our bodies need something fresher and lighter to keep us energized. By replacing those thick creamy comforting filings with fresh fruits and light toppings, this bakery has created an easy summer favorite menu. These vibrant, colorful, and crispy no-bake treats and frozen summer sweets make the perfect goods for warm summer’s day.

With so many flavorful selections on the new menu, it’ll be hard to choose from all those full-flavored yet delicate and light pastries. Summer is meant for indulgence. So why not let loose and enjoy the goodness from Zomick’s bakery fresh flavor menu that will keep you coming for more? Also, try their Zomick’s Challah bread.

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