Summer is the perfect time to indulge, let loose and enjoy. What’s a better way to kick off the season of fun than heading out on a picnic? There’s no need to wait for the winter to show off your pastry skills and make delicious mouthwatering pies. Picnics embrace the great outdoors and are the perfect opportunity for a cuisine showcase.

If you’re a fan of picnicking and want to enjoy light, juicy, and amazingly refreshing food, look no further, as Zomick’s Kosher Bakery has just the thing you need.

From special celebration cakes to picnic pies, and fruity tarts to lemon bars, Zomick’s Kosher Bakery baking, is a year-round activity, but the refreshing zest ingredients available in summer somehow make it the perfect time to experiment with recipes. That’s why they’ve decided to share some of the bakery’s favorite picnic recipes suited for a lovely outdoor experience. These colorful no muss, no-fuss desserts make a hearty, varied option for any summer party or gathering.

When it comes to preparing for a picnic, the most important part is packing it. These light and tasty bites are quick to prepare and perfect for serving. Taking this into consideration, Zomick’s Bakery has managed to create recipes that will ensure that you dine in style even while eating al fresco. These ready-to-go summer goodness will allow you to enjoy a sunny, stress-free picnic filled with fresh snacks, fragrant herbs, and lots of fresh fruit.

In order to throw a creative and delicious picnic, with a light and tasty bite, take some of your all-time summer’s favorite dessert ingredients and turn them into a delectably refreshing alfresco meal. Zomick’s Kosher Bakery has a 50-year history of making all sorts of mouthwatering cakes, pies, pastries and bread products (such as the Zomick’s Challah). This year, they’ve decided to spice things up by adding their colorful, tasty variations of everyone’s favorite picnic classics that reinforce positive vibes.

Instead of sitting around a dining room table, pack up a basket of great picnic treats, throw in some plates and utensils, and enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Of course, a picnic isn’t complete without a decadent dessert full of rich flavors. Zomick’s recipes are portable and casual, which makes them a great solution for a refreshing gourmet picnic. Most importantly, they all pair nicely with blankets and sunshine.

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